At best, family businesses are driven by the long term and by the values behind the business. A family business is not for the next year, it is for the next generation and we see that as a strength.

Our family of staff share our values and are passionate about what we sell and the services we provide. However we grow, we all share a sense of what is important to us. As in any good family there are firm guiding principles carried from one generation to the next.

We currently employ over 600 people across five diverse sites, working in jobs as wide ranging as catering, retail, filling station, front of house, management, sales and marketing, accounts, people and maintenance.

We offer full time, part time and holiday work plus a good package of benefits. But what we're most interested in is finding people who share our values and can add a little magic to what we do. If this sounds like you then we'd really like to hear from you.

How do I apply?

Visit our 'Current Opportunities' page and select which of our locations you'd like to work at. Click on "apply now" on the job that interests you, complete the application form and upload a CV. Alternatively you can contact us at the People Department at Head Office at or on 01539 711334

After you apply

We are fortunate that we tend to get quite a few people applying for our vacancies. We will be in touch within two weeks of receiving your application to let you know how it is progressing. In the meantime, we regularly update our vacancy list so do keep visiting the website to see what's on offer.