Each year over 100 billion single-use cups end up as landfill worldwide.

In the UK, we throw away an estimated 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups every year. The plastic lining used in most disposable coffee cups means they cannot be recycled in normal depots and have to be put in special bins and sent to a dedicated recycling mills.

From manufacture through to disposal, ecoffee cup represents a new generation of reusable cup. Each time you use your ecoffee cup, you're not only helping #stopthe100billion, you're also drinking from the world's fastest growing and most sustainable crop. Bamboo fibre is naturally organic and naturally sterile and when you're finished with it in a few years, after all that lovely coffee, send it back to nature by simply crushing it and burying it along with your organic compost. Less plastic. Less waste. Ecoffee cups are the natural reusable.
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